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Cedar and Canvas Canoes

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The classic Canadian canoe built entirely from timber and sheathed in canvas.  Based on the traditional native American birch bark canoes and modified by European settlers to make a boat that is beautiful, robust and a pleasure to paddle.

Key Features

Shearwater 16 (Standard Build £3400)

Length: 4.9m/ 16’2″,  Beam: 85cm/ 33″, Depth at Beam: 30.5cm/ 12″  Weight: 30kg/ 70lb

This beautiful canoe is designed along the lines of the traditional ‘Prospector’ with a focus on an exceptional all-rounder.  It is fitted out as a tandem boat but is light and manoeuvrable enough to be a very responsive solo boat.

Designed with a slight rocker, moderate hull curvature and graceful fore and aft profiles, it handles well across a range of conditions.  Its hull shape provides excellent manoeuvrability, has good tracking characteristics and its profile provides minimal wind resistance.   It has ample space for day gear and room enough for all the gear needed for extended touring.

Shearwater 14 (Standard Build £3200)

Length: 4.35m/ 14’4″  Beam: 85cm/ 33″  Weight: 27kg/ 60lb

The Shearwater 14 is designed as a beautiful and responsive solo boat.  It is fitted out as a tandem and will carry two, but is most suitable for one.  The two seats provide good sitting positions for adjusting trim as conditions dictate.

Designed to combine the various elements of length, rocker and hull cross section and with low fore and aft profiles this boat handles beautifully.  It has excellent manoeuvrability, holds a good line and has ample space for solo gear for extended touring, or for day kit and short expeditions for tandem paddlers…..For the solo canoeist this is the ideal boat.


Timber:  Western Red Cedar ribs and planking. Gunnels, decks and seats are usually American white ash or mahogany.  Decks and carry handles can be a range of other hardwoods depending on availability and customer choice.

Fixings: All screws are stainless steel and are used in gunnels and deck fitting.  Other fastenings are either brass or bronze.  The boats are fitted with bow and stern brass stem bands.

Skin:  The outer hull is covered in a #10 cotton canvas and filled with a traditional oil-based filler, a durable material that has been used on generations of canoes in Canada and the USA.  This filled cotton surface is then painted with high quality marine gloss, the colour choice only limited by colour range.  All bare wooden surfaces are treated with Deks Olje saturator.

Seats: As standard, seats are woven webbing.  For an additional cost they can be hand woven synthetic cane (£75 per seat)

Tender Lines: The boats come with bow and stern tender lines of floating rope.