The Thane: £155.00

Named after the Norse Lordlings, the Thane is a beautiful paddle for touring.  Like the Viking its shape is perfect for deep water paddling where the blade length provides excellent grip in the water and allows for a long slow blade rhythm to develop.  With a slightly larger blade surface area than the Viking, the Thane has the potential for slightly more power to be generated with each stroke.  This paddle is based on a long bladed Voyageur.

  • Blade Length: 71cm/28in 
  • Blade Width (widest): 12.5cm/5in




  1. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this paddle for Valkyrie Craft as part of their development process.  The Viking is excellent weight for size.  It looks stunning but is robust.  The blade has a lovely degree of flex when in use without being subject to flutter.  The use of laminates and result in a sound flexibility stiffness compromise.  The grip shape is lovely in the hand and the oiled finish provides good purchase even when using the Indian stoke.  A varnished grip can be sometimes be slippery when you need it most!