The Viking:

Viking means to go out travelling; the Norse sagas talk of men going ‘a viking’ and that is the niche of this paddle.  Its long curved blade gives great purchase on the water providing excellent control in open water, where wind can be an issue.  The ability to vary the depth of the stroke gives control over the level of work required and, like all touring blades, the blade length dictates the need for a slower and more relaxed stroke rhythm.  The shape is based on a modified ottertail

  • Blade Length: 74cm/29in
  • Blade Width (widest): 15cm/6in




  1. The weight of this paddle is spot on.  There is little effort needed to get a good power stroke and with no wobble in paddle.  The blade cuts through the water lovely and with ease, and is silent when used.  The length of blade is good and gives solid propulsion.  I like the thickness of the shaft and the handle/ grip is very comfortable for distance.  This is a very good paddle for journeys
  2. I wouldn’t normally choose a paddle of this shape but after using it I was pleasantly surprised.  The width of the blade provides a real slow distribution of power on the pull.  The blade length enables a deep stroke and allows the power to be applied on a needs basis.  The handle is shaped well and for my hand is the right thickness and grip length.  I like that the handle isn’t varnished as this provides better connectivity.  This paddle is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship and construction, and as it is laminated it looks like it should be hung on the wall.  The paddle is well balanced and is a nice weight.  (Ashleigh Hunter: CANI Coaching and Development manager)