S.U.P Freya Cranked Shaft


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Named after the Norse goddess of beauty, this paddle is designed for longer trips or the smaller person.  The shaft is a series of laminates combining hard and softwood for maximum strength whilst remaining as light as possible.  Freya’s smaller head requires less effort to get the board moving and is less tiring for the longer flat water trip.

The theory of the cranked shaft is that it allows the paddlers to apply maximum power through the stroke since the bade remains vertical for a longer period.

  • Blade Length: 45cm/17.5in
  • Blade Width (widest): 22cm/18.5in
  • The shaft has a 12 degree bend at the throat.


Made to order – Approximately 14 days

Additional information

General Information

The main body of the blade can be made from hardwood which makes the blade stronger but heavier or Western Red Cedar which is lighter but less strong.
The darker hardwood blades are generally made from Walnut.
The lighter hardwood blades are generally made from Cherry
Despite its name Western Red Cedar varies in colour from dark through to almost white.
In all case the timber is chosen from our available stock to have an appealing appearance.

Main blade colour

Dark Cedar, Dark hardwood, Light Cedar, Light Hardwood

Shaft Length Sizing

There are a range of common ways to determine the best length for a stand-up paddle. It depends slightly on the type of paddling you will be doing and personal preference. A good standard is between 6 and 10 inches longer than your overall height. If the paddle is too long you will tend to make wider paddle strokes which turns the board, and if it is too short you will need to bend at the knees and/or waist to get good water contact. A paddle that is too short can also tend to make you lean forward which can cause issues with back strain.

Blade edge armour

Dark hardwood, Light hardwood

Shaft strength

To allow the timber laminates to be bend they run parallel to the face of the paddle blade. This allows the paddle to retain strength even though the overall length of the shaft is quite extreme.